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Vankor-oil  is Limited Liability Company registered in the Russian Federation, was launched in 1996 by Mr. Dankov Michail Ivanovich. LLC Vankor-Oil is vertically integrated oil and gas Company licensed by the Russian Federal Government to Produce, refine and export petroleum products and petrochemicals. From inception, the focus of LLC Vankor-Oil was to deliver high quality petroleum products to customers, exporters, petroleum products re-sellers and the International business community. LLC Vankor-Oil over the years has earned a reputation for the competitiveness, reliability and the quality of service. The consistency in the service offered and the experience and expertise the Company has built up has, understandably, helped attract the International Crude Oil business community to LLC Vankor-Oil. Our Company-customer relationship have led to enhanced dependability for the clients in dealing with us as well as fostering a mutual understanding, in 1996- incorporated..

Our Company is a leader in Russian and international markets in its core business, every day millions of people in 30 countries of the world buy our products, and use those products to improve the quality of their lives, every day more than 150,000 people unite their efforts and talents to give our Company leading market position.

LLC Vankor-oil enjoys a crucial competitive advantage due to its vast, high-quality oil reserves. Our Company's reserves total over 35 billion barrels of proved, probable and possible oil and gas reserves. LLC Vankor-oil has the world's highest proved reserves of liquid hydrocarbons among publicly traded companies.

Our Company's oil reserves are sufficient to last for three decades at the production level achieved in 2006. Despite its wealth of reserves, the Company is continuing to increase its resource base both through geological research at existing fields and structures, and through acquisitions. In 2006, the replacement ratio of proved hydrocarbon reserves including acquisitions reached 272.6% - a record for the sector -including 285.7% for oil and 177.3% for gas.

Over the last six years, LLC Vankor-oil has been vigorously pursuing a strategy of optimizing expenditures, implementing state-of-the-art technologies, developing and diversifying its resource base and expanding its portfolio of high-quality assets. This strategy has resulted in daily oil production rising six fold, from 270,000 barrels in 2000 to 1.6 million barrels in 2006. Oil production growth in 2006 was several times higher than the Russian average. LLC Vankor-oil impressive growth reflects the Company's high efficiency across its operations and the lowest production costs in the sector.

LLC Vankor-oil is actively exploring and developing fields and acreages in Russia's new oil and gas provinces, especially in Eastern Siberia and the Far East. LLC Vankor-oil implements major projects both independently and in cooperation with the world's leading energy companies.

At the end of 2006, LLC Vankor-oil owned two oil refineries, in Tuapse and Komsomolsk-on-Amur, with combined capacity of over 12 million tones per annum. The coastal locations of these refineries allow for easy export of petroleum products to markets in Europe and Asia. The Company plans a further expansion of its refining business in order to maximize profits, including the construction of an additional refinery in Russia’s Far East, which will receive oil from the East Siberia - Pacific Ocean pipeline.

In July 2006, LLC Vankor-oil conducted one of the largest and most successful IPOs in global financial, placing about 15% of its shares on stock exchanges in London and Moscow. As a result, the Company raised USD 10.7 billion.

In April and May 2007, LLC Vankor-oil significantly increased the number of production assets in its vertically integrated structure, including Samaraneftegas in the Samara Region and Tomskneft in Eastern Siberia, as well as an additional five major oil refineries: the Kuibyshev, Novokuibyshev and Syzran refineries in the Samara Region and the Achinsk Refinery and Angarsk Petrochemical Company in Eastern Siberia. The Company also purchased a series of other significant assets.

LLC Vankor-oil observes high international standards of corporate governance and transparency in its business and adheres to internationally accepted accounting standards. Highly respected independent non-executive directors have held one third of the seats on the since 2006. Our Company pursues a policy of social responsibility toward its own employees and members of their families, to the people in the regions where it operates and to wider society in general.