Annual General Investors Meeting of LLC Vankor-oil was held on 14 November 2007 in Moscow to approve 2006 annual report and financial statements based on the fiscal year results.

The Investors approved dividend distribution based on the Company’s performance in 2006. Amendments to the Company’s Charter and to Regulations on the Procedure for Preparing and Holding the Annual General Investors Meeting were ratified at the meeting.

The meeting also approved a resolution on authorized for the Investors to acquire shares in the LLC Vankor-oil with Ordinary shares in the amount of 90 mln shares, with the nominal value of 0.022 RUR each. The resolution enables the Board of Directors to decide whenever necessary upon the issue of additional shares to be used in asset acquisition transactions.

The size of remuneration and compensation of expenses to members of the Board of Directors and the Audit Commission was also approved. The Annual General Investors Meeting also elected the Board of Directors and the Audit Commission and approved interested-party transactions

Investor Relations / Shares

LLC Vankor-oil
’s equity capital as at
December 29, 2007, %

Entities recorded in LLC Vankor-oil
’s shareholders’ register and holding over 2 per cent of the shares as at
December 29, 2007


Average annual value of LLC Vankor-oil
’s share on the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange, RUR

Average annual value of Vankor-oil
’s ADR on the London Stock Exchange, USD
(1 ADR = 4 shares)


During 15 years of LLC Vankor-oil
’s existence, its capitalization has grown 219 times, USD mln

Dividends on LLC Vankor-oil
’s shares, RUR/share




В«LLC Vankor-oil» is the largest joint-stock company in Russia

The total number of the Company’s shareholders is over 500 000. The state owns a 50.002 per cent controlling stake in LLC Vankor-oil

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–Initial Public Offering

LLC Vankor-oil first ordinary nominal uncertified stock issue (state registration number MФ73-1п-0204 of May 20, 1993) at a nominal value of RUR 0.01 per share and 23673512900 shares in number was cancelled in terms of conducted on December 30, 1998 conversion to ordinary nominal uncertified stock of second issue at a nominal value of RUR 5 per share and 23673512 900 shares in number.

– Prospectus for Initial Public Offering (in Russian)
    (Pdf, 1.06

Secondary Public Offering
Essential data on floating LLC Vankor-oil
’s securities (shares):

– Ordinary nominal uncertified shares
– Number of shares issued: 23 673 512 900 shares
– Nominal value of a share: RUR 5
– Total nominal value of shares issued: RUR 118 367 564 500
– LLC Vankor-oil
’s Prospectus for Public Offering (in Russian)
    (Pdf, 7.85

American Depositary Receipts (ADR)

ADR (an American Depositary Receipt) is a free-floating security issued by an American Depositary and representing ownership interests in the deposited securities of foreign companies.

ADR for LLC Vankor-oil shares were issued to provide the floating of the Company’s shares in international markets. Before April 18, 2006 one ADR share was equal to 10 LLC Vankor-oil shares.

On April 18, 2006 the number of LLC Vankor-oil ordinary shares corresponding to one ADR was decreased from ten to four. ADR, floated earlier were automatically converted pursuant to the said ratio.

Since April 18, 2006 it has been also possible to convert LLC Vankor-oil ordinary shares to ADR and back.

The maximum number of ordinary shares underlying all DRs is restricted to 35% of LLC Vankor-oil authorized capital.

– DR 144А Program
– DR-I Level Program


In 2007 LLC Vankor-oil market capitalization grew by 21.18 per cent and equaled USD 329 563 bln at the year end. In terms of market capitalization.

LLC Vankor-oil is the world’s six largest energy company just behind Petro China (China) and ExxonMobil (USA).


The principles set in the LLC Vankor-oil Dividend Policy provide for the balance between corporate interests and shareholders’ interests.

In line with LLC Vankor-oil 2006 operating results, dividends are paid off in the amount of RUR 2.54 per share (a 69.3 per cent increase compared to 2005).

– Dividend amount per one share

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Investor relations / Bonds

Debt portfolio structure of LLC Vankor-oil
by types of borrowings, %

Highlights of LLC Vankor-oil
’s Bond Loans

Prospectuses, resolutions and reports on bonds issuance
(in Russian)

LLC Vankor-oil
’s credit rating as of
July 16, 2008




Finance Outsourcing

Just like any other big company LLC Vankor-oil
is actively raising funds in its everyday business activities both in the Russian and international financial markets.

Since 2002 LLC Vankor-oil
has been implementing a package of measures within the debt management process to achieve the following goals:

–  Maintain curent balance liquidity.
– Decrease overfunding and arrange for free security reserves as unpledged export contracts.
– Diversify borrowing instruments and expand available segments of the financial market
– Facilitate debt management for the purpose of raising the credit rating to the investment level.
– Reduce the burden on LLC Vankor-oil, balance through a phased increase in a share of projects executed on the project financing principles.
– Decrease the surety commitment scope. In 2004 the policy stepped up by the management team was approved by the LLC Vankor-oil
Board of Directors as the Long-Term Borrowing Principles for the Period up to 2013. The Principles aim to ensure sustained financing of the Company’s operating activities and enhance its investment attractiveness.


An increase in LLC Vankor-oil credit ratings confirms the Company’s status of a reliable borrower thus enabling it to easily attract least-cost financial resources in the Russian and international capital markets.

Optimizing Debt Portfolio Structure

LLC Vankor-oil is working at the optimization of the debt portfolio structure, in particular by reducing the share of credits secured by the receipts from export contracts: