Yuri Ivanov
Executive Managing Director
Export director
Financial director
Deputy Chief Executive, Sales & Marketing,
Deputy Chief Executive, Strategy & Corporate
Deputy Chief Executive, & Economics
Deputy Managing Director
Boris Sachin
Alexangr Somonovski
Vitaly Kunkataev
Violeta Tranganaevna
Vladimir Zaicev
Michail Gurpiev

Corporate Strategic Objectives

1.To maximize the long term value of shareholders’ funds by achieving a compound growth rate in shareholders’ funds over a seven year cycle of not less than 28%.
2. To keep a business portfolio capable of generating recurring earnings and a dividend flow to the holding company to provide security against cyclical downturns in any particular market.
3. To attract, motivate and retain high quality personnel.
4. To maintain our excellent reputation for high quality, integrity and safety of operations.
5. To be aware of the impact on society of our operations and to continually improve the environment for all.
6. To continually strive for excellence in our service to customers through our flexible, personal and responsive approach.

Quality Policy

LLC Vankor-oil is committed to the provision of high quality services to customers, consistently meeting their requirements in an efficient, safe and professional manner.
To support this commitment, each division of the Group operates a documented Quality System which is appropriate to its marketplace.
Verification of each division’s quality management is conducted by external certifying authorities and/or internal audits.

Health, Safety & Environmental Protection Policy

The health, safety and environmental responsibilities are set out in the relevant written safety management systems and are discharged through relevant organizational structures.
Health, safety and environmental responsibilities take precedence over commercial and operational concerns. Managers must ensure that every reasonable and practicable precaution is taken to prevent accidents and reduce stress to the employees through:

- the operation of well designed, well constructed and maintained plant and machinery;
- appropriate training, clearly written instructions and adequate supervision;
- properly defined safe systems of work;
- the assessment of risks and the implementation of protective measures;
- regular audits of the safety management system by competent ‘in-house’ and external safety personnel;
- the appointment of Safety Representatives and the formation of Safety Committees where working groups are of sufficient size to warrant this arrangement;
- meeting all relevant regulatory standards, laws and customer expectations.

It is imperative that all employees accept their individual responsibilities to co-operate fully in order that health and safety obligations can be fulfilled on their behalf.
This policy has been prepared in furtherance of health and safety and binds all Directors, Managers and Employees, in the interests of the Group’s personnel and others affected by our activities.

Political Policy

It is LLC Vankor-oil policy not to make any political donations unless specifically authorized by the Group Board.
It is
LLC Vankor-oil policy to remain up to date with all proposed legislation and to actively participate in the relevant trade associations.


Employment Policy

LLC Vankor-oil is committed to attracting, motivating and retaining high quality personnel. It is the Group’s policy to train and develop each individual to maximize their contribution to the Group’s performance, whilst providing satisfying and fulfilling career opportunities.
 It is
LLC Vankor-oil policy to promote the understanding and involvement of all employees in its business aims and performance. The Group is an equal opportunity employer which recognizes and values the strength and contribution of a diverse workforce.
 The policy of
LLC Vankor-oil is to give full and fair consideration to applications for employment made by all people including disabled persons. If any employee becomes disabled whilst employed by a Group company, every effort is made to find suitable continuing employment, with re-training as necessary. Disabled persons share equally in the opportunities available for training, career development and promotion.
 To do this,
LLC Vankor-oil continually develops effective employee communication, consultation and involvement, including the regular publication of company magazines.
LLC Vankor-oil continually ensures it is up to date and compliant with all relevant regulations in all areas in    which it operates.

Compliance Policy

Our company complies with the applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which it operates or under which it has any contractual association.
LLC Vankor-oil strives to maintain the highest standards in corporate governance and bases its actions on the principles of openness, integrity and accountability. Where relevant and practical for a privately owned company of its size, the Group seeks to implement the Combined Code on Corporate Governance as prescribed for publicly quoted companies in Russia Federation.

Integrity Policy

LLC Vankor-oil values its reputation for integrity and works to ensure that it is sustained into the future.

Integrity is defined as:

- telling the truth
- being fair to all
- delivering what we promise
- keeping confidences
- being trustworthy

Integrity is a sign of mature strength which every employee should always strive to deliver in each and every aspect of the Group’s operation, both internally and externally.

Community Policy

Our Company is committed to strengthening and invigorating the local communities within which it operates. To this end employees are actively encouraged and supported in participating in local community initiatives.
LLC Vankor-oil has an annual budget for charitable purposes. Donations shall usually be given to charities either related to the business activities of each division or to charities where employees are personally involved..