Environment and Safety

LLC Vankor-oil has a system integrator of safety and environmental engineering concepts for worldwide oil and gas industrial applications. Projects are delivered as turnkey, fully integrated packages or in an EPC format. Safety and environmental applications / products include:

  • High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS)

  • Pipeline Protection (PPS)

  • Safe communication (SafeCom)

  • Burner Management (BMS)

  • Emergency Shut Down (ESD)

  • Fire and Gas safety (F&G)

  • Flare Control (FCS)


LLC Vankor-oil improves safety in petroleum facilities while reducing costs. A comprehensive, automated safety system from      LLC Vankor-oil system makes it possible to eliminate pipeline and process overloads while reducing excessive engineering margins. In existing arrays this means the possibility of increasing flow pressure without increasing pressure rating. This leads to a substantial, customer-documented increase in product throughput with existing pipelines and a more efficient use of existing plants.

When applied during new constructions, the implementation of the latest 'Spec-Break'   technology can increase the designed operational yield of a small-dimensioned pipeline.

The cost of unnecessary shutdowns due to human error or fault judgment can be virtually eliminated by implementing a fail-safe hard-wired or PLC-based LLC Vankor-oil safety system.


LLC Vankor-oil system supports its clients with a wide variety of safety systems and monitors for pipeline and gas distribution installations, boilers separators and other hydrocarbon processing facilities. Advanced systems are fully redundant in all components as well as remote controlled and can be monitored economically by satellite. LLC Vankor-oil system uses certified modular devices and technology manufactured by Hima.


In addition to the products themselves, the LLC Vankor-oil system team offers safety assessment, Safety Integrity Level (SIL) analysis, third party verification, project management, uniformed system documentation, commissioning, start-up, training and follow-up support. This ensures a single point of responsibility and a cost efficient project. All integrated in accordance with the IEC 61508 safety standard.


A comprehensive HIPPS from LLC Vankor-oil system represents the highest level of safety in current practice. Certified modular devices from HIMA are used and HIPPS -specified valve/actuator assemblies. A key element in minimizing operational shutdown time is to isolate an installation's hazardous processing area so that most plant facilities can continue functioning in case of a localized problem.

 OAO Vankor-oil system is an agent for HIMA in Norway and Sweden.

For more information, please contact us info@Vankor-oil.ru