A front-end engineering design study is underway to implement a comprehensive air monitoring & management system covering all LLC Vankor-oil operating facilities and concession areas. Implementation of this study will:

A. Provide an information and simulation tool to develop and implement an air quality management program
Forecast potential changes in air quality resulting from proposed business development projects
BВ· To model the distribution of accidental release of gases
CВ· Cooling water discharges - Conducting an impact assessment of the cooling water discharges to the marine environments
DВ· Mercury in marine waters - An assessment study on mercury contents in marine waters sediments and organisms.

In 2006, LLC Vankor-oil launched its Corporate Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSEMS).

LLC Vankor-oil believes that it is in its best interest to have a common, comprehensive Policy with closely aligned implementation and management guidelines.
As a matter of policy, LLC Vankor-oil requires its contractors to develop and implement their own (HSEMS), which should be compatible with the corporate ( HSEMS)

The (HSEMS) approach facilitates building and aligning systematic processes for continuous improvement in business and performance. The (HSEMS) is the umbrella under which all future LLC Vankor-oil initiatives will be developed and coordinated. Once fully implemented throughout LLC Vankor-oil it will provide, amongst others:
В· Clear goals, targets, expectations, roles and responsibilities
В· Reduced cost and improved efficiencies
В· Improved measurement and feedback mechanisms
В· Improved participation and mobilization of leaders and workforce
В· Enhanced teamwork in related activities

Health management in LLC Vankor-oil involves four distinct activities with integrated responsibilities across different parts of the company.