LLC Vankor-oil provide real-time position reports, manages all key delivery processes for client delivery of oil including stream and lease purchase/sales, inventory, contract management, pricing, and invoicing. We take active responsible of our client needs, shipping and marketing, the entire oil marketing process from start to finish. At a glance, our client gain access to forecasts, contracts, transfer documents, and inventories for all producing, shipping and delivery facilities.


As a leading international natural gas/crude oil marketer, LLC Vankor-oil maintains an active presence in natural gas/crude oil fixed for floating swaps, basis, options, and other pricing benchmarks. We work with oil and gas producers, pipelines, and consumers around the world, managing supply and transportation assets in order to provide customers with expert delivery service. We develop structured asset or commodity-based deals with our customers. In addition we trade commodity/basis positions around structured deals and manage commodity/basis positions for customers based on their risk profiles